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FaceTime Online Training during COVID-19 !

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Puppy Socialization - Classes paused during COVID-19

Private outdoor Training and Online FaceTime training and consultation in Marin County during COVID-19

Call or email Amy for specifics: 650-255-5969

I recommend classes as one of the best ways to socialize your new puppy, I have designed classes specifically for this. Please contact me for upcoming Marin County class locations and schedules.

'Play & Learn' and 'Lets Go On-Leash!' Classes

"Play & Learn" is a fun class designed to benefit everyone interested. I encourage the whole family to attend and watch how much puppies learn through play. By giving pups the chance to interact with all kinds of people and other pups, they learn to cope with many life experiences they will encounter.

-- Puppies are required to have two vaccinations and be between 10-12 weeks old to start class

-- Each session runs for 5-weeks

-- One-hour class

-- Each week I bring in an obstacle for puppies to experience, such as an umbrella, tunnel, skateboard to name a few

In addition to play, you will learn how to manage your puppies needs: i.e. chewing, nipping, jumping up, as well as commands: sit, down, leave it, and others.

"Lets Go On-Leash!" is a good follow-up class to Play & Learn or for older puppies who are ready for more advanced trianing.

Some client quotes: "We would absolutely recommend Amy's classes to another puppy owner, yes!" • We learned “easy, repeatable things we are able to work on at home.” • “I liked that the class was treat-based and I loved the social aspect with the other people and dogs.”

Downloads: Brochure.pdf


Amy de Benedictis is the "Puppy Lady." She is a member of APDT and works in Marin County, California.

Amy and Whisky

Email: puppylady14@gmail.com

Cell Phone: (650) 255-5969

Facebook: The-Puppy-Lady