Early Puppy Traning in Marin County


How exciting it is to get a puppy, to bring a cute furry new friend into your home and family. It’s exciting and a big responsibility. For many folks it's a big help to be able to talk to someone for support and ideas. That’s where The Puppy Lady can help.

I show you the best way to get a start on:

... House (potty) training

... Teething and puppy’s chewing

... Choosing toys for play and exercise

... Puppy socialization and how to introduce your puppy to the world

... Learning how to walk on leash and proper meeting and greeting

Using treats I will teach you how to lure and reward your new family member to SIT, LIE-DOWN, LEAVE-IT, and COME to you when called. I'll give you handouts as reminders of important things to remember.

My philosophy of training is all about educating you and your puppy. Teaching her all the things she CAN do — not just NO, and what she shouldn’t do.

There is nothing more rewarding than when you feel a connection and create a bond between you and your puppy!
"Yes! Good job…”

— Amy W. de Benedictis is the "Puppy Lady." She is a member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and works in Marin County, California.

Amy and Whisky

: puppylady14@gmail.com

Cell Phone: (650) 255-5969

Website: puppylady.net

Facebook: The-Puppy-Lady

Download The Puppy Lady's Brochure.pdf

NOTE: Zoom Video Conferences for early puppy training are available during the Covid Pandemic, contact Amy for specifics!


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